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About YabYab



We would like to introduce our company, YABYAB AL HARITHY COMPANY, YHC, which has a good experience in oil and gas services, and civil construction as well. YHC was established in Yemen in 1998. YHC  has enjoyed continued success in executing and completing projects in the Oil & Gas sector and other selected industrial markets.

The company initiated its business in Shabwah Governorate, Republic of Yemen concentrated on civil mainly road pavement and asphalting. Then in the next year YHC commenced working with oil and gas companies that had given the company a good chance to deal with more technicians.

Working with oil and gas companies opened the company’s management on new jobs and activities that usually are required by oil and gas companies.

Due to the company activities, YHC has three equipment and personnel Base Camps:


1-      The main camp is in Shabwah Gov. Auseilan District, which contains a huge number of heavy equipments and vehicles. This facility is in a suit place for the oil and gas companies working in the area, such as Jannah Hunt and Occidental Yemen, at where YHC works in general maintenance, civil work, mechanical construction and pipe line.

2-      The second camp is at Shabwah Gov. Ataq City, which contains the  road paving and asphalting equipment including a huge rock crusher and asphalt mixture. In this camp also YHC parking all the heavy equipments that used in Yemen LNG Pipe Line maintenance and emergency call.

3-       There is also a third camp in Hadramout  Gov. at where an asphalt mixture, a rock crasher and all the road pavement and asphalting are.  


This is just a short summery of Yabyab Al Harithy Company. For more details about the company, please click any of the main page icons, you can also download the company’s profile.

Thank you very much for your visit.

YHC General Manager