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Health, Safety and Environment:

The structure of YHC. HSE Management System is in line with the principles established in OGP E&P Forum Guidelines for the Development and Application of HSE Management Systems; The HSE-MS applies Quality Management principles to SEPSWA HSE critical activities. These principles are reflected in the ISO 9000-series standard, and the Shell Group guidelines, including the Group Commitment to HSE, the Group HSE Policy, the Group Procedure for an HSE-MS, the Statement of General Business Principles, and the Business Control Guidelines OSHA Health and safety Manual, BS EN ISO 1400: 2004 Environmental Management, Yemen Laws /regulations and YHC HSE plan and procedure.

It also reflects the structures proposed by several oil companies.

Yabyab Al Harithy Company executives recognize that human, environmental, and financial losses sustained through injury, disease and harm to the air, water, and soil of the earth we live on are far greater than can be tolerated by business owners or society in general.

Company executives increasingly are recognizing that providing a safe and healthy workplace as well as a clean environment can have a major positive impact on profitability. It is recognized that development and implementation of a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment Management System is a significant investment..

The HSE management which was written and regularly taught to all the company’ employees is considered a part of any job.This usually achieved by preparing a company HSE policy statement and posting them visibly within the work sites to serve as continual visual reinforcement that company genuinely values HSE and considering it as part of their daily operations and responsibilities. So the company has arranged medical contracts with some hospital in Sana’a, Ataq, and Sayaoon for any emergency case.

There is NO job without these commitments:

1-      PPE and any related HSE equipment and tools.

2-      Providing the necessary resources, time and people for HSE systems activities.

3-      Observe health, safety andenvironment conditions and behaviors.

4-      Tool Box Meeting.

The Safety policy Applying is the most valuable key to evaluate Company management staff, so NO one is higher than HSE Rules. So Management should:

1-      Include health, safety and environment issues as high-priority agenda items at management meetings.

2-      •Attend health, safety and environment, training, conferences and other events.

Yabyab Al Harithy Company, YHC is committed to the achievement of the following Quality, health, safety and environmentalobjectives:

1-       Ensure that all services and products provided by the Company are in accordance with our Client’s requirements.

2-       Provide and maintain the resources needed to achieve conformity to product requirements.

3-       Establish relationships with suppliers and partners to promote and facilities communication with the aim of mutually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes that create value.

4-       Continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, and enhance our product quality.

5-       Train and develop Company personnel in the execution of quality work and understanding of the quality system, with a particular emphasis on local employees.

6-       Ensure quality awareness at all levels within the Company.

7-       Ensure that all Company Management requirements are being fulfilled and that the system is continually reviewed in order to improve its effectiveness.

8-      Risk Assessment to prevent workplace hazards and pollution.

9-      Involve our employees and partners to create a safe workplace and protect the environment.

10-  Comply with the required Health, Safety & environmental laws and other regulations.

11-  Encourage the promotion of Health, Safety and Environmental awareness, throughout the management and workforce by means of instruction, training and supervision.

12-  Ensure that all Company management requirements are being fulfilled and that our processes are continually reviewed to avoid accidents, to reduce illness & injuries, and to prevent pollution.


Taking always into account that Safety is First, So:

“The Biggest Profits are in the Prevention of Losses”

This policy shall be distributed to all Company locations, and shall be the concern of each and every employee of the Company along with equivalent Arabic translation


Yabyab Al Harithy General Manager                          QHSE Manager

Sheikh, Salem Ali Yabyab                                      Dr. Aswan Mejahed